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Air Cleaners

We have been getting a few questions about different forms of air purification with people staying home more this spring. Air purification helps clear the air of many viruses, bacteria, microbes, and allergy causing molds and fungi. Did you know there are several different kinds of air purification? We wanted to take a minute to talk about the different types of air purification that can be used with your HVAC system to help reduce seasonal allergy irritants and clean the air in your home, and while they do kill viruses there has been no testing on COVID-19. Check back everyday this week to learn more about a different indoor air quality product! Today we are highlighting UV lights! The sun is a natural emitter of UV light, and keeps outdoor microorganisms in check. When UV lights are used with your systems filtration, humidification and ventilation the lights work to destroy unwanted microorganisms only and keep the air conditioner coil clean. UV lights destroy the following organisms:Bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold spores, fungi, ragweed, dust mites, legionella pneumophila, measles, tuberculosis, chicken pox, humidifier fever, microplasma pneumoniae, penicillium expensum, cryptococcus, stachybotrys atra, neoformans, mucor ramosissimus spores, aspergillus niger, adenovirus, coxsackievirus, mycrobacterium kansasii, mycrobacterium aviumintra, streptococcus pyogenes, corynebacterium diphtheriae, serratia marcescens, neisseria meningitidis, moraxella acinetobacter, haemophilus influenzae, pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Phototronic is a multi-technology system that works to eliminate particulates, volatile organic compounds and airborne microorganisms. Phototronic multistage air treatment process starts with stage one cleaning and filtering the air, then stage two deodorizing, and finally stage three disinfecting with the same UV lights highlighted above. Phototronic gets rid of pollen, hair, lint, soil dust, diesel soot, spores, animal dander, auto emissions, mold, bacteria, skin cells, cooking smoke, wood smoke, smog, viruses, hair spray, new carpet smell, solvent fumes, pet smells and paint/finishes.

According to their website, “iWave is an air purifying device that installs in any duct air conditioning system. When air passes over the iWave, ions produced by the device reduce pathogens, allergens, particles, smoke and odors in the air, creating a healthy environment without producing any harmful byproducts.iWave uses patented technology, called needle-point bi-polar ionization, to create equal amounts of positive and negative ions. When these ions are injected into the air stream, they break down passing pollutants and gases into harmless compounds like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor.”

Humidifiers are part of creating healthy air in your home, and compliment your filtration, purification and temperature control. Alumbaugh, Inc. sells Aprilaire humidifiers, and according to their website: “Fact: Studies show flu viruses thrive in dry air. Aprilaire humidifiers help create a healthy humidity environment that’s great for your family…but not for the flu.” And while this might not be the time of year to be turning on your humidifier, it’s a great time to think about getting one all set up for this coming fall. The attached photos explain the benefits of using a whole home humidifier!


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